Crude Oil and Natural Gas Construction

Crude Oil & Natural Gas Construction

MBA Energy & Industrial has a long history as an oil and gas construction partner. From conventional extraction facilities to pipelines and refining, we have the expertise to take on any project.

Oil and Gas Construction That Lasts

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MBA Energy & Industrial, LLC, has been active in the oil and gas construction industry serving the water, natural gas, and crude sectors.  Decades of combined knowledge coupled with a team of experienced in-house architects, engineers, and project and construction management, provide customers with the best service solution for design-build construction projects. 

MBA Construction works in remote oil and gas construction and petrochemical construction for Petrochemical and Service Companies, Gas Plant Construction Companies, Cryogenic Plants, and more. Provide our service as licensed oil and gas contractors in the construction of:

  • Cryo Plant Facilities
  • Control Buildings
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • MCC Buildings
  • Field Offices
  • CO2 Processing Facilities
  • Instrument Air Buildings
  • Compressors and Compressor Station Construction
  • And Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction

MBA delivers quality and integrity oil and gas construction while ensuring all work is completed in a safe manner.  The ability to work within any geographic region or climate benefits customers across North America.  MBA understands the industry, is an active service contributor, and delivers successful results.

Oil & Gas Design-build Construction

Cost-effective construction projects

MBA Energy & Industrial has the capability to provide design-build oil & gas project services throughout the US.  With the ability to scale operational parameters, provide state-of-the-art technologies, work in both warm and cold climate areas, and offer value-added services, MBA is the preferred contractor of choice.  MBA relies on their expansive design skills, engineering expertise, and construction experience to ensure and deliver successful results.

SAltwater disposal systems

MBA is proud to have built dozens of saltwater disposal systems and visited hundreds of disposal sites to develop processes & technologies to enhance operations. Currently offering a portfolio of systems with state-of-the-art features designed to accommodate scalable capacity options & specialized engineered elements, MBA continues to evolve to meet new environmental regulations and standards.

oil bandit systems

Custom designed to streamline the SWD configuration utilizing a patented oil and solids removal process, featuring fewer tanks onsite (1/2 the standard) coupled with a more reliable controls solution. These SWDs have a smaller, compact footprint requiring less electrical equipment, valves & piping. The benefits of partnering with MBA for SWD needs are the condensed layout, enhanced delivery and installation timeframes, lower capital costs, and increased operational efficiencies.


MBA provides services for dry and wet frac sand plants under EPC contracts. With over 30 years of experience in construction, engineering, and consulting our focus is to maximize production of your facility while ensuring environmental impact and energy consumption are minimal. 

Our in-house team of architects and engineers will work with our licensed industrial contractors to develop a facility design and project plan, streamlining the process and using our expertise to address your needs.  

mining process facility

Due to the recent demand for green energy, the demand for minerals has increased. This brings growth into the industry but also necessitates the need for innovative ways to design and build mining and processing facilities.

Mining and Processing Plant facilities are complex construction projects that require a multidisciplinary team of several contractors to build the processing plant and surrounding facilities efficiently. 







The mba advantage

Why you should work with us

MBA reduces oversight and provides a team to manage the entire project to optimize the construction process.

MBA offers the advantage of having one company manage all aspects of each project alleviating the need to coordinate multiple vendors and suppliers, ensuring proper information flow and documentation, optimizing schedules, and enhancing deliverables, allowing for the single-source procurement of multiple subcontractor bids, while achieving budgetary objectives. This not only minimizes distraction for the client, but it also reduces project oversight demands by providing a single team to coordinate and manage everyday activities. 


  • First-ever zero-emissions process
  • 30K Gun Barrel exclusive to MBA
  • Scalable operational parameters
  • Usable in any climate, including cold-weather regions
  • Mobile option available for short-term needs

Streamlining project management can result in both time and fiscal benefits. Typically, projects work on a lump sum price, which minimizes overall spending concerns for the client.  Partnering with MBA ensures the client’s best interests are met as it is incumbent on MBA to value-engineer each project to realize optimal deliverables including spending within budgetary constraints, achieving all milestone dates, and accomplishing the overall project objectives. Providing design-build expertise with over 30 years of experience and top of the line safety standards in even the most remote locations. 

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