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MBA Energy & Industrial has the capabilities to provide design-build services for oil & gas construction throughout the US, including remote oil and gas construction services.  With the ability to scale operational parameters, provide state-of-the-art technologies, work in both warm and cold climate areas, and offer value-added services, MBA is the preferred contractor of choice.  MBA relies on their expansive design skills, engineering expertise, and project and construction management experience to ensure and deliver successful results.

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Saltwater Disposal (SWD) in the oil and gas industry refers to the oil and gas water treatment of the “saltwater” that results in the process of hydraulic fracturing. Because this waste contains high levels of salt, it is considered a hazardous material. That’s why MBA Energy & Industrial continuously reviews its processes to ensure we meet modern environmental regulations and standards. 

Saltwater disposal wells are the disposal sites for this byproduct. Allowing for removal of any hazardous compounds during oil recovery. Companies have the option to recycle or inject wastewater back into working reservoirs for reuse in the process. Alternatively, they can discard it at a SWD. SWD are typically owned and operated by Oil and Gas Companies, Midstream Companies, and Commercial Operators.

These produced water facilities or disposal facilities allow for the saltwater to be removed from the oil and gas and properly stored or disposed of elsewhere. 

MBA Energy & Industrial has put together an efficient and cost-effective way to handle the Salt Water with its Oil Bandit Systems. 

Water Systems In Gas & Oil Treatment

Custom designed to streamline the SWD configuration utilizing a patented oil and solids removal process, featuring fewer tanks onsite (1/2 the standard) coupled with a more reliable controls solution. These SWDs have a smaller, compact footprint requiring less electrical equipment, valves & piping. The benefits of partnering with MBA for SWD needs are the condensed layout, enhanced delivery and installation timeframes, lower capital costs, and increased operational efficiencies.

saltwater disposal well

A Salt Water Waste Disposal well is where the water collected during oil and gas construction is disposed of. Salt water is considered a hazardous material and with saltwater disposal systems, you have a safer way to remove the saltwater byproduct of your operation. Backed by experience and expertise, MBA continues to evolve and grow our processes to meet regulations and standards.

saltwater disposal tank

Saltwater when collected during oil and gas construction needs to be stored, the byproduct is removed and placed in a large tank, SWD tank, away from the site. To remove the hazardous materials a SWD pump is used to filter out high salt levels and for solid waste disposal. These pumps are specific to the the overall design-build of the wells and tanks, we make sure that pump sizing is correct and so your water processing facility gets successful results. Work with an industrial contractor at MBA on your next oil and gas construction project.

MBA relies on their expansive design skills, engineering expertise, and project and construction management experience to ensure and deliver successful results.

saltwater disposal systems

MBA Construction is proud to have built dozens of saltwater and waste disposal systems and visited hundreds of disposal sites to develop processes & technologies to enhance operations. Currently offering a portfolio of systems with state-of-the-art features designed to accommodate scalable capacity options & specialized engineered elements, MBA continues to evolve to meet new environmental regulations and standards.

saltwater disposal system Construction

A class II system is an injection well combined with tanks, piping, and pumps. The system receives the saltwater from the drilling process and injects it into an isolated structure. We work to ensure our systems meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state requirements. 

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By using the latest technology on tankage and pumps along with a control system, SWD’s can be operated around the clock with minimal supervision.  With a proper saltwater disposal system, you ensure your operation meets environmental regulations and standards. Contact our team today to talk to a licensed construction contractor and learn more about our SWD solutions. 

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