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Top of the line safety standards

MBA is committed to conducting business in a manner that safeguards employees, customers, community, neighbors, suppliers, and the environment.  MBA continues to meet or exceed all applicable Health, Safety & Environmental laws, and regulations. MBA’s safety policy fulfills best practices and adopts client-approved HS&E standards to ensure dual satisfaction for the company and client owners.

MBA’s program strategy is to educate team members, mitigate risks, and continually improve field procedures to maximize safety standards and provide the safest work environment possible. To achieve these safety objectives and further promote an unparalleled and constant safety culture, MBA employs a full-time HSE director and support staff to manage the safety program and protocols in a proactive manner. MBA’s robust HSE Management System includes continual policy and procedure updates, field audits, and ongoing competency training, to ensure compliance in all areas as well as solidifying the commitment to safe work practices.

MBA Energy & Industrial proudly boasts an exceptional safety record that has been consistent throughout the lifespan of the company.

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Instead of a call center with automated interfaces to navigate, MBA customers receive a single point of contact. Our Warranty Manager can be reached via email, phone or text. Whether the issue is HVAC, plumbing, or building related our Warranty Manager will handle mobilizing the corresponding contractor, drastically simplifying the process for the end user. Even when there are just questions about how to operate a generator, or where the air filter is, our Warranty Manager is available to get the answers needed. If possible, a follow up visit will be made after any repairs are made. Either way, our Warranty Manager will always close out an issue with the end user via a phone call, and follow up email explaining the diagnosis, and subsequent correction.

Because MBA’s focus is on Service, many “non warranty” calls are gladly received. There are times when answers to questions may fall outside of MBA’s scope, but our goal is to at least get customers in touch with someone who can help – this is where our nationwide pool of subcontractors comes in handy. Recently an End User requested the Warranty Manager diagnose an issue of low water flow; The on site investigation found the problem to be a pressure reducing valve. This valve was spec’d, and installed by the end user before MBA’s scope of the building’s plumbing. Despite this, our Warranty Manager spent time on the phone with the valve manufacturer’s Engineering Dept to be able to offer the end user recommended options.   

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