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With oil bandit systems from MBA Energy & Industrial in place, you have a solution to improve the longevity of your well. Are you ready to optimize your operation?

Engineered Efficiency, Environmental Compliance, & Long-Term Profitability

Maximizing oil recovery and the life of your well

The Oil Bandit Systems from MBA Energy & Industrial offer a high-performance solution for oil recovery and well management. Designed for optimal efficiency, these systems contribute to extending well longevity and provide a substantial return on investment. With capabilities ranging from 15,000 to 60,000 barrels per day, our product range is engineered to meet a variety of operational requirements. These systems are also developed to minimize environmental impact, featuring options for zero-emissions and reduced greenhouse gas output. The result is a cost-effective, safe, and compliant solution that enhances operational efficiency while meeting stringent industry regulations. Choose the Oil Bandit Systems for a reliable and sustainable approach to oil and gas extraction.

The OIL BANDIT ZE is a revolutionary, first-ever zero-emissions Saltwater Disposal system designed to help you reach your emissions reduction targets.

XL ZE Hero.png

Accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions:

  • Reduce overall carbon footprint

  • Lower GHG emissions

  • 100% gas capture enabling

  • Monetize wasted gas

  • Enhanced site safety

  • Available for new construction & existing assets

The OIL BANDIT L system is our standard design boasting a smaller footprint and a more reliable control package compared to conventional saltwater disposals.

15,000 Barrels Per Day



  • One (1) degassing/desanding vessel

  • One (1) stage 2 technology vessel

    • Exclusive MBA equipment

  • Two (2) water tanks

    • Over 200% larger than conventional suction tanks

  • One (1) charge pump, filtration, and injection skid

  • Two (2) horizontal pumps guaranteed to match permitted pressures

The OIL BANDIT L-C offers the same design and benefits as the OBS L system coupled with insulation to maintain operations in colder climates.

15,000 Barrels Per Day


  • Minimizes tank insulation costs

  • Efficient piping design simplifies heat trace and insulation

  • Cold weather pump house

The OIL BANDIT L-NG system offers a streamlined design for systems with a low hydrocarbon presence. This optimized design is the most effective for low oil recovery applications.

30,000 Barrels Per Day


  • 1,400 PSI injection pressure

  • Engineered specifically for NG applications

  • All instrumentation and controls included

The OIL BANDIT XL offers the same engineered enhancements and streamlined design as the OBS L but is designed for additional water storage capacity and throughput.

30,000 Barrels Per Day


  • Three (3) water tanks

  • Multiple configurations available

  • Exclusive MBA technology vessel and specialized degassing/desanding vessel

The OIL BANDIT XXL delivers the same engineered enhancements and streamlined design as the OBS XL but has been optimized for even higher throughput systems. The OBS XXL offers double the capacity of the previous system.

60,000 Barrels Per Day


  • Six (6) water tanks

  • Multiple configurations available

  • Exclusive MBA technology vessel and specialized degassing/desanding vessel

The solution for short-term saltwater disposal needs mobile, flexible options and scalable operational parameters.  The Mobile Oil Bandit System was designed to accommodate new construction transition times and be a substitute during maintenance and repair cycles.

10,000 - 60,000 Barrels Per Day


  • Lease options (lease cost applies to purchase)

  • Scalable for easy ramp-up & ramp down

  • Flexible volume capacities

  • Quick connects between modules

  • Saves early production water haul costs

  • Remote flow-rate monitoring and controls

  • Synchronization with chemical injection

  • Compatible with customer water management systems

  • Portable for separating infield oil & FRAC ponds

  • Mobile truck off-loading systems

  • Powered by permanent or temporary sources

  • Environmental compliant containment


Custom designed to streamline the SWD configuration utilizing a patented oil and solids removal process, featuring fewer tanks onsite (1/2 the standard) coupled with a more reliable controls solution. These SWDs have a smaller, compact footprint requiring less electrical equipment, valves & piping. The benefits of partnering with MBA for SWD needs are the condensed layout, enhanced delivery and installation timeframes, lower capital costs, and increased operational efficiencies.



Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to customize solutions that optimize oil recovery according to your specific operational requirements.

  • Enhanced Oil-Water Separation: Achieve an average oil content of less than 30 ppm in water, enhancing both the quality of your pad site and your profitability.

  • Rapid Return on Investment: The cost-effectiveness of our systems typically results in a full return on investment within a matter of months.

  • Chemical-Free SWD Process: Our systems are designed to eliminate the need for additional chemicals in your Salt Water Disposal (SWD) process, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

  • Superior Operational Efficiency: With 30 times the efficiency of traditional gun barrel systems, the Oil Bandit significantly streamlines your operation.

  • Increased Recovery Rates: Experience up to a fivefold improvement in recovery rates, maximizing the value extracted from each well.

  • Extended Well Longevity: Benefit from improved water clarity that minimizes well damage, thereby extending the operational life of your wells.

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