Salt Water & Solids Disposal

Regardless of the number of barrels needed per day, MBA ENERGY AND INDUSTRIAL, LLC, is fully equipped to design and construct Salt Water and Solids Disposal Facilities maximizing oil recovery and the life of your well.

From turn-key designs and pump sizing to construction and management, our team of experts gives us the ability to handle every project, no matter the size or terrain. The design and construction of disposal facilities requires expertise and we pride ourselves in being leaders in the field of SWD construction. FROM START TO FINISH WE GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF YOUR PROJECT. Visit our Oil Bandit Systems page to learn more about these services.

MBA ENERGY AND INDUSTRIAL, LLC is the solution for all your industrial project needs. From Salt Water & Solids Disposal to remote Industrial structures, we CONSTRUCT SUCCESS from the ground up. Conveniently located in the energy hub of the United States our Houston, Texas offices ensure efficiency in making your VISION A REALITY.

Contact MBA Energy and Industrial today to get started on your custom project bid or find out more information on the services we provide.

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